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504 Gateway Time-out

Mr. Clendenning, AP Coordinator, gives another piece of advice. “Your best resource for studying is obviously your AP teacher. They know the content and material of the course far better than probably anyone else you would talk to.”

Of course, it is important to remember the changes to this year’s AP test. They will be online, 45 minute, free response tests. While many online practice tests can be multiple choice questions, it is your judgement to decide if that would be of use for you.
Psychology free responses, for example, often include vocabulary words that might show up during multiple choice practice; however, there may be other tests for which it would be more beneficial to look at exclusively free responses.
Mr. Clendenning commented that the tests over the past few years have become more skills and analysis based as opposed to content based, so when doing your practice, keep this in mind. It may not be enough to memorize information.


Additional test information will be released by April 3rd, including information on the two options for when to take the test. In the meantime, College Board is offering free, live AP review classes starting March 25th that will be able to be accessed at any time.